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Background briefings

Background information on current and topical stories and events that are featured elsewhere on the website.


Background briefings

Mitochondrial disease – new research
If the mother’s mitochondrial DNA is faulty then it is possible that the mother may pass to her children one of a number of rare but very serious mitochondrial diseases eg. muscle, cardiac and neural diseases.
Egg sharing schemes
What is egg sharing and why is there a need for it? Find the facts and discover the HFEA's policy on this area of fertility treatment.
Sperm websites
What is the HFEA's advice to people using unlicensed sperm websites to obtain eggs or sperm for fertility treatment? Find out the latest here.

Other background briefings

New techniques
Read summaries of the latest treatments and research in the fields of assisted reproduction and embryology.

About HFEA regulation 
Discover the key facts about the way the HFEA operates, its role and what its licensing and regulating responsibilities are.

History of IVF
Read chronological statistics, reports and key events since the birth of baby Louise Brown in 1978, including links to the relevant legislation and reports.

Page last updated: 18 March 2009