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FAQs for clinic staff

  • Surgical procedures

    Following agreement with the Care Quality Commission, from 1 October 2013, the HFEA will extend its remit to include the inspection of surgical procedures carried out in connection with HFEA licensed activities.

  • Surrogacy and Legal Parenthood

    Guidance to surrogates and couples commissioning surrogacy arrangements who intend on being the child’s legal parents.

  • EU Standards

    The EUTCD sets standards of quality and safety for patients. Find out what amendments were made to the way we regulate as a result of the legislation change.

  • EDI forms

    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions on the forms clinics are able to submit via EDI.

  • Closing a Clinic

    How to close your clinic and make appropriate arrangements for the transfer of records and/or sperm, eggs or embryos in storage.

  • What is a Person Responsible?

    The licensed activities must be carried out under the supervision of the Person Responsible, that is, a suitably qualified and experienced member of the team who ensures that the centre and staff comply with the HFE Act and Code of Practice.

  • What is a Licence Holder?

    The Licence Holder is 'in charge' of a clinic's licence where the licence-holder is a Health Authority, Health Board, Health and Social Services Board, NHS trust or other body

  • Donor compensation policies

    FAQs on the new donor compensation policies coming into force on 1 April 2012.

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Page last updated: 09 October 2012