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How we monitor your clinic: guide to compliance

HFEA inspection cycle

The HFEA’s continuous monitoring of licensed UK fertility centres involves a four year inspection cycle. Find out what happens before, during and after an inspection visit.

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HFEA Risk Tool

To aid the monitoring of treatment and storage centres the HFEA have developed an application called the ‘Risk based assessment tool’ to help both the HFEA and licensed treatment and storage centres assess potential areas of concern.

...HFEA Risk Tool

Complying with the HFEA Code of Practice

See what inspectors consider when making assessments of a centre’s practice and how that links to the guidance notes in the HFEA Code of Practice.

...complying to the HFEA Code of Practice

Clinic incidents

Reporting adverse incidents is recognised as one of the best ways of ensuring that errors and their causes are identified and the opportunity for them to happen again is reduced.

...clinic incidents

Management of centres causing concern

When an HFEA inspector becomes aware that a licensed centre has failed to comply with requirements we will seek to achieve compliance via an escalating scale of informal measures to formal enforcement action.

...management of centres causing concern

Page last updated: 28 September 2011

What we license

See a list of the activities licensed by the HFEA and the processes which are used to carry them out.


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